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10 Most Fun Kanji

笑 ショウ わらう Laugh (Shō/Warau)

This character means “Laughter” or “To Laugh”. The top part looks like a pair of laughing eyes and a smiley face, while the lower part looks like a person’s hands and legs. 

串 くし Skewer (Kushi)

This can easily be the most hieroglyphical character ever. The stick that goes through two objects looks exactly like a drawing of a skewer!

雨 ウ あめ Rain (U/Ame)

It is easy to remember this character because the four dots look just like raindrops coming down from a piece of cloud.

門 モン かど Door (Mon/Kado)

Just like how it looks in the written form, “門” which is gate or door looks exactly like what it means.

凹 オワ へこむ Concave (Owa/Hekomu)

No further explanation needed for this kanji.

凸 デコ とつ Convex (Deko/Totsu)

No further explanation is needed for this one either 🙂

山 サン やま Mountain (San/Yama)

“山” is one of the oldest kanji characters, and the three vertical lines each represents a hilltop and the bottom line represents the ground. Together, these four simple strokes make up a “Mountain”.

田 デン た Field (Den/Ta)

“田” means field. The four little squares within the big square couldn’t be more descriptive of how a plantation field would look like.

刀 トウ かたな Knife (Tō/Katana)

“刀” means knife. Imagine the left part as the handle of a knife and the right part as the blade. It is easy to tell how the ancient people came up with this character.

竹 チク たけ Bamboo (Chiku/Take)

This kanji looks like two straight branches with pieces of thin leaves on the top. And yes, it is what it looks like–Panda’s favorite dish: Bamboo.