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30 January, 2018

Kanpai! – An Izakaya Survival Course

Kanpai! – An Izakaya Survival Course

Your neighbourhood izakayas serve the most wonderful food, but sometimes we are too afraid to pass under the noren and dive into all that deliciousness. Let us take away all your etiquette and menu anxieties!

Join Ayana-sensei in a 2-hour hands-on lesson around the table in one of Azabu-juban’s friendliest izakayas.

In a small group you will practise and conquer:

  • Greetings on entering
  • Negotiating the 2-hour drinks package
  • Ordering drinks
  • Sake etiquette
  • Deciphering the menu
  • Ordering without a menu: classic izakaya dishes
  • Asking for the bill



  • Izakaya Survival Course

    Join us for a meal in a traditional Japanese izakaya to practice your Japanese. Price includes a fun lesson at the table, meal and 2 drinks. Learn more about the event from Kanpai! – An Izakaya Survival Course

    • Dates

      Tuesday Feb 20
      5 - 7pm

    • Venue

      Near Coto Club

    • Price


    • Sign up at


      or email