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50 Experiences Only in Tokyo

Are you ready to experience Tokyo in the most unforgettable way?

Here are our top 50 picks for what to do in Tokyo!

1. Eat Sushi From a Conveyor Belt 

2. Dine at an Izakaya

3. Spend a night at a Capsule Hotel

4. Get a Souvenir from a Gashapon

5. Drink with a Maiko

6. Sleep on a Tatami Mat 

7. Attend a Tea Ceremony

8. Visit an Origami Museum

9. Picnic in Yoyogi Park

10. Make a wish at the Meiji Shrine

11. Fish for Your Dinner at Zauo

12. Get Served by a Maid at the Maid Cafe

13. Cosplay as Your Favorite Anime Character in Harajuku

14. Visit the Giant Spider at Roppongi Hills

15. Grab Starbucks and Watch the Crossing in Shibuya

16. Take a Selfie with the Hachiko statue

17. Go to an Anime Store in Akihabara

18. Take the Train to Yokohama and Get Dim Sum in Chinatown

19. Go on a Road Trip to Mount Fuji

20. Enjoy a Day of Onsen at Oedo Onsen

21. Make an Appointment to Visit the Imperial Palace

22. Eat at a Ninja Restaurant

23. Get Wagyu BBQ

24. Go to the Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku

25. Watch a Movie in Kabukicho where Godzilla Creeps Out of a Building

26. Grab Starbucks at a Rooftop at Atop One, Harajuku

27. Shop at a Daiso 100 Yen Store

28. Take a Selfie with the Rainbow Bridge in Odaiba at Night

29. Get to the Top Floor in the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building for Free

30. Climb the Tokyo Tower

31. Visit Sensoji Shrine Early in the Morning  Before the Crowd Shows up

32. Go to Pokemon Mega Center in Ikebukuro 

33. Get a Giant Mazarella Stick from Tokyo’s Koreatown 

34. Visit an Art Exhibition at the Mori Museum in Roppongi 

35. Grab Fresh Seafood From Tsukiji Fish Market

36. Dress Up for the Shibuya Halloween Parade

37. Get Tipsy in Golden Gai

38. Spend a Day at Tokyo Disneyland 

39. See Some Exotic Fish at the Tokyo Aquarium

40. Watch Sunrise at Ueno Park 

41. Ride the Roller Coaster at Tokyo LaQua

42. Drink Afternoon Tea with a Moomin at the Moomin Cafe

43. Go to a Karaoke Bar

44. Go to an Animal Cafe

45. Go See a Sumo Wrestling in Ryoku

46. Drive Like Super Mario in Shibuya

47. Visit Japan’s Tallest Tower: Tokyo Skytree 

48. Go to Ghibli Museum

49. Try a Japanese Fast Food Chain: “Yoshinoya”, “Sukiya”, “Matsuya”

50. Shop at a Don Quijote