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Coto Summer Japanese Course for Children & Young Adult – Jun.18 – Aug.23, 2019

Looking for Summer Japanese Course for your Children in Tokyo?

Our summer Japanese lessons for children are a great way to help your child experience Japanese culture and make new friends so they can enjoy their summer in Tokyo.

Classes will take place June 18th – August 23rd (Tuesday – Friday)

Please read on for more details below – if you are interested in learning information about pricing and curriculum please email to or fill out an inquiry form here.


Our Children’s Japanese class focuses on 4 key skills to learn Japanese. 

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Speaking

For each 50 or 45 minute class session – there is an even mix between each of these four skills through an “interweaving” learning approach. This allows your child to keep their brain active and retain more knowledge through inter-related skills practice.



Lesson Fee
4 – 6 Years Group: 90 Minutes a day – 2 X 45 Minute Sessions

Schedule: Tuesday and Friday

Time: 11:10-12:50

Lesson Fee: 8days: 44,800 yen / 16days: 86,400 yen / 20days: 108,000 yen


7-10 Years Group: 100 Minutes a day – 2 X 50 Minute Sessions

Schedule: Tuesday to Friday

Time: 11:10-13:00

Lesson Fee: 8days: 44,800 yen / 16days: 86,400 yen / 32days: 166,400 yen / 40days: 208,000 yen


11-15 Years Group: 150 Minutes a day – 3 X 50 Minute Sessions

Term 1: July 2nd – July 26th (16 days)

Schedule: Tuesday to Friday

Time: 9:00-11:50

Term 2: August 1st – August 23rd (16 days)

Schedule: Monday to Friday *no lesson on August 9th

Time: 9:00-11:50

*The contents of Term 1 and Term 2 are the same. 

Lesson Fee: 8days: 67,200 yen / 16days:129,600 yen


To request more information,

email to or fill out an inquiry form here