Japanese Crash Course for Beginners

Study 4 days a week for all the basic reading and speaking tools you will need



Our Japanese Crash course is designed for students with little to no Japanese ability. And is perfect for new residents in Tokyo.

Coto Japanese Club’s Japanese language courses are made up of small groups so that we can focus on improving the conversation skills of each individual.

Professional native instructors encourage effective conversation practice under a relaxed atmosphere so that you can learn comfortably and effectively.


Class Details

Size: Max 8 students (average 3-6)
Date: Tuesday to Friday
Time:   9:10 – 11:00  or  11:10 – 13:00 
Course Fees:  1 week ¥25,000 / 4 weeks ¥90,000  /  8 weeks ¥170,000



Japanese Living Skills – 4 weeks


You will learn: You will learn the most essential Japanese to enjoy an independent life in Japan. We will cover how to read Hiragana and Japanese Numbers / Counting. Fun activity based lessons will let you practice Japanese outside of the classroom.

Course Topics: Introductions, Asking Directions, Ordering Food, Shopping, Asking permission etc. 

Textbook: Nihongo Fun&Easy Unit 1-6


Japanese Social Skills – 4 weeks


You will learn: How to communicate in a wide range of daily situations with your friends and neighbors. This portion of the course will prepare you for everyday social settings. You will also learn Katakana, dates and time.

Course Topics: Talking about our daily lives, expressing opinions and preferences, useful social small talk, Invitations. 

Textbook: Nihongo Fun&Easy Unit 7-12


Schedule 2020

January 7 – January 31
February 4 – February 28
March 3 – March 27
March 31 – April 24
May 12 – June 5
June 9 – July 3
July 7– July 31
August 4 – August 28
September 1 – September 25
September 29 – October 23
October 27 – November 20
November 24 – December 18

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