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Join courses on a flexible schedule that fits you – with topics that match your level and learning goals. Each relaxed learning session lasts 50 minute x 2 lessons. Select the topics and areas of Japanese that you would like to improve. These hand selected courses will give you the confidence to use more Japanese in your daily life.

Our original “Nihongo Plus” teaching method focuses on improving Japanese conversation skills used in real life.  Daily learning is fun and practical with “Nihongo Plus” – it uses realistic phrases and common situations – making it easy for you to use Japanese in your day to day life – as quickly as possible.


Class Details

Size: Max 8 students (average 3-6)
Date: Monday to Friday
Time: 9:10 ~ 11:00 / 11:10 ~ 13:00 /  13:10 ~ 15:00  /  15:10 ~ 17:00 
Course Fees:
100 mins x  8 sessions: ¥40,000 
100 mins x  16 sessions: ¥76,800
100 mins x  32 sessions: ¥147,200

Beginner – Main 

Practical Japanese for Beginners 

You will start by learning Japanese skills for everyday use. Since you’ll be studying vocabulary for times and places, as well as basic grammar, you’ll be able to create simple sentences by yourself.

Level : Beginner   / Nihongo Fun & Easy 

Schedule :  Wednesdays and Fridays  9:10 – 11:00 


Beginner – Main 

Active Basic Japanese Grammar

The most essential grammar and how to use verbs by learning conjugation.  This will form the foundation of your Japanese and allow you to get to a level where you can use Japanese freely.

Level: Lower Beginner (JLPT N5)   / Nihongo Fun & Easy 2 

Schedule :  Tuesdays and Thursdays  9:10-11:00  


Beginner – Main 

Essential Grammar and Conversation

You’ll be able to convey your wishes, study assumptive expressions and describe your opinions or actions more accurately. The grammar covered in this course is the most used grammar in Japanese. This course is very popular with long term residents.

Level: Upper Beginner (JLPT N4) 

Schedule :  Wednesdays and Fridays  11:10 – 13:00 


Beginner – Functional

Effective Drill Training & Conversation Level-up

This class is a fun opportunity to practice using verbs through a series of fast-paced speaking drills. Students use a series of specially designed drills and speaking training to improve their communication ability.   Second half of the lesson will improve your vocabulary and ability to converse smoothly without having to spend time thinking about which words to use – getting you to a natural pace of speech.

Level: Lower Beginner to Upper Beginner (JLPT N4)

Schedule :  Tuesdays and Thursdays  11:10 – 13:00  


Upper Beginner – Main 

Bridge to Intermediate 

This course focuses on a total review of the most important basic sentence patterns, improving vocabulary for a variety of daily situations, and building longer sentences through combinations. The class is for students to apply and make the most of these abilities.

Level: Upper Beginner (JLPT N4-N3 ) 

Schedule :  Wednesdays and Fridays  13:10 – 15:00 


Intermediate – Main

Natural and Fluent Japanese Communication 1, 2

The goal of this course is to expand your vocabulary and freely use it in numerous sentence patterns that sound nuanced and natural during a variety of situations. You will expand your abilities and improve on ways to express yourself.

Level: Intermediate (JLPT N3 – N2)

Schedule :  Tuesday and Thursdays  13:10 – 15:00 


Intermediate – Functional                         

Business Japanese

Learn the etiquette and vernacular of doing business in Japan. You will learn basic formal expressions (basic keigo) and situation-specific expressions used in daily Japanese business interactions.

Level: Upper Intermediate (JLPT N3 – N2)


Advanced – Functional 

Japanese Explanation Training

We recommend this course to anyone who feels they have problems with making detailed explanations in Japanese. This course will expand your ability to describe things in detail and allow you to clearly explain ideas and situations – getting your point clearly across.

Level: Upper Intermediate (JLPT N2-N1)


Advanced   :    Functional 

Read and Discuss Current Events

This class focuses on having conversations in Japanese about current events. You will acquire a natural sounding vocabulary and broaden your communication skills – allowing you to discuss current events, that are mentioned in the news – and appearing in popular conversation amongst Japanese people.

Level: Upper Intermediate to Advanced (JLPT N2-N1)

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