Private Lessons

Learn at your own pace with a professional instructor.

Students have different Japanese skills and learning targets that they might want to address personally with a Japanese instructor. Some want to communicate with their clients and business partners. Some want to prepare for a big career change. Some might even want to learn the language for everyday use. Which one are you?

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Our private Japanese lessons allow you to learn Japanese one-on-one in a bespoke environment — all according to your schedule and preference. This is perfect for busy individuals and working professionals who want to focus on their own learning goals.

We offer a fully customizable and tailor-fitted lesson plan. Coto Club’s professional teacher will monitor your progress and listen closely to your requests. Choose materials that match your level and learning needs.

All lessons can be taken remotely. Dispatch and in-office lessons are available. 


Recommended for:

• Students who have specialized needs to learn Japanese. This includes students who want to communicate professionally in the office, train for interviews or even take the JLPT.
• Students who prefer to study alone with a Japanese teacher without any distractions
• Students who want to learn things that apply to their careers. Our teachers will help you practice accurate expressions for industry-specific roles, present marketing strategies and make a pitch. 
• Students who want to address their concerns privately.


Class Details

Size: One on One
Date: Monday to Friday
• Morning: 9:10-10:00 | 10:10-11:00 | 11:10-12:00
• Afternoon: 12:10-13:00 | 13:10-14:00 | 14:10 – 15:00 | 15:10-16:00 | 16:10-17:00 | 17:10-18:00  
• Evening: 18:10-19:00 | 19:10-20:00 | 20:10-21:00
*Friday: available until 17:00





Life-related Lessons

Lessons will be conducted at your desired pace and based on selected topics that match your current interests and needs. Our Japanese teachers have worked with learners from all levels and backgrounds, and are therefore equipped with the right tools and skillsets to help you master these topics.

You can begin from day-to-day interactions, such as talking to neighbors or visiting a local shop, to heavier, more technical topics, such as legal and industry-specific news.

We aim to structure lessons that best suit your personal goal and growth. Not only putting a strong focus on conversation, but we can also expand our lessons to other practical aspects of the Japanese language. This may include reading work-related documents — bills, official notices in the Japanese language — writing professional emails and practicing the right Japanese business manner.

Textbook-based Lessons

We’ve been teaching Japanese to international residents in Japan for more than 20 years, and we take pride in only offering the best Japanese language textbooks in the market that is on par with our strict standards.

We regularly do surveys and feedback sessions. The results will be used to further improve the quality of our educational service at Coto Club. After helping thousands of students reach their target Japanese language and bringing satisfactory results, we have the top lesson materials for students of all levels and areas of interest.


Nihongo Plus Lessons

After years of researching and monitoring, we are proud to have developed Nihongo Plus, an original teaching method carefully created to enhance students’ conversational Japanese ability at a faster pace.

Our one-of-a-kind teaching style has been proven to enable students to acquire practical skills more effectively. We cover all levels, from absolute beginner to upper-advanced.

Nihongo Plus is strategically used in both our part-time and private lessons. In our private Japanese lessons, however, you will have more opportunities to practice speaking and gain a more in-depth understanding of each lesson point.


Reading or Writing-focused Lessons

Naturally, the Japanese language encapsulates so much more than speaking. Reading, kanji and writing are also integral in the overall learning process, particularly if students want to leverage their position in their community in Japan, be it work or home.

We provide reading or writing-focused courses with materials of different complexities. Students and teachers can cover specific reading sources, such as Japanese newspapers or literature, to broaden their knowledge of the Japanese culture and vocabulary. We allow the course materials to reflect your primary needs.


JLPT Preparations

We also conduct JLPT preparatory courses for students who want to gauge their ability. The exam is notorious for its tricky questions and rapid-fire sections. Our instructors, who have years of experience giving JLPT prep lessons, will give you tips to reach for correct answers and advice on proven test-taking strategies.

With a customized curriculum and in-depth feedback based on your Japanese level and learning style, you will maximize your JLPT test performance. We will also include a personalized at-home study plan, thus increasing your success rate.


Need self-study support outside normal lessons? Join our Plus Plan service.

What is Plus Plan? Plus Plan is a self-study support service that helps make your long-term study plan sustainable and enjoyable. Take monthly consulting sessions, receive self-study proposals and take the Japanese Communication Skill Check (AJCS). Just sign up, and focus on what you need to learn — we’ll map your plan. 


Lesson Fees: 

1 lesson (trial): ¥7,100 (valid for 1 month)
8 lessons: ¥52,800 (valid for 3 months)
16 lessons: ¥102,400 (valid for 8 months)
32 lessons: ¥198,400 (valid for 12 months)
48 lessons: ¥288,000 (valid for 16 months)

Accepted Payment methods:

  • Paypal Account
  • Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, AmericanExpress, JCB, Discover)

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