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Hello Neighbor – Meetup & Speaker Talk – Monday June 4th

Hello Neighbor! – Monday June 4th – 10:30 – 12:00

We would like to welcome expats and their families to plug in to our local community. Whether you are new to Tokyo or have lived here for years, our Hello Neighbor events bring together new friends over coffee and delicious Japanese fusion doughnuts.


Short Talk: “The Splendour of the Medieval Heian Court”

“The Splendour of the Medieval Heian Court”

In the history of Japan, the Heian era formed the most elegant 400 years. It is the era when aristocratic culture matured and progressed to form Japan’s aesthetic sense, its values and religion. An understanding of the Heian era will enrich your time in Japan and especially your sightseeing in Kyoto.

Guest speaker: Interpreter / Young Adult Novelist : Yayoi Myoga

Yayoi Myoga is an Interpreter and licensed Tour Guide – fluent in Italian, French, Japanese and English – she is an author of historical young adult fiction.