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Tourist Japanese – Asking if you can pay by credit card in Japanese

If you are coming to Tokyo for a short vacation or a short trip – learning basic Japanese will make it much more fun! 

You will be able to visit restaurants, stores, and enjoy attractions confidently on your own – connecting with local people!

Also from a practical perspective – you will want to perform some basic tasks:

  • Asking if you can pay by credit card
  • Trying on clothes and asking for different styles and colors
  • Ordering in Japanese at a restaurant

Out of these things – one of the most common things you will face is asking if a store accepts credit card.

In Japan, many stores and restaurants only accept cash – and this can lead to some pretty awkward moments if you don’t clarify this before hand!  🙂


How to ask – “Can I pay by credit card” in Japanese

In areas of Japan that aren’t urbanized – many stores will ask you to pay by cash only.

If you want to ask if you can pay by credit card you can say the following:

Kaado de ii desu ka?

Kaado – is card – (short for credit card)

de (pronounced “day”) is a marker that means *by* or *with*  as in – can I pay with a card?

ii (pronounced EE / long E sound in English – as in fee) – means good

desu ka ( kind of sounds like dess ka – you drop the u sound)  is a question marker

desu is a state of being – and ka is a question marker – in English it would be the same as “is it?”

– So if we put the whole sentence together it would be loosely translated as

Kaado de ii desu ka?
Credit card – with – good / okay – is it?

Whether you are here for a week – or here for a few years – we provide Japanese courses that prepare you for daily life.

Make the most out of your stay in Japan and have fun with learning!

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