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Special Golden Week Course for Beginners

Learn basic Japanese intensively in our special golden week course! 

*We are offering this course remotely.

What you will learn

You will learn how to have basic conversations in a variety of settings. Since you’ll be studying vocabulary for everyday use, as well as basic grammar, you’ll be able to create simple sentences by yourself.


Course dates

3 Days × 150mins
May 4th, 5th, 6th 10:10 – 13:00 (10:10 AM – 1:00 PM)

The classes are made up of three 50 Minute sessions with a 10 minute break in-between.


Number of participants

Maximum 8 for one class


Course Fee

30,000 yen (including tax and materials)


We use the “Nihongo Fun and Easy” – perfect for beginners because it does not require any kanji, hiragana, or katakana reading ability.  


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Ms. Risako Hara

Personal Presentation

  • Birthplace and its local food specialty
    北海道(Hokkaido Prefecture) 

  The food I recommend is ちゃんちゃん焼き(Chanchan-yaki) and ジンギスカン(Jingisukan)

  • Main teaching level
    JLPT Course, Beginner, Business Japanese

  • Favorite Japanese expression and why?
    「念ずれば花開く(ねんずれば はなひらく)」
    “If you believe it, you can achieve it!”
    If you believe you can become the person you want to be, you definitely will!
    I think it’s a powerful expression that  encourages you to always do your best.


  • Personal experiences, skills etc.  
    I made my debut as a Japanese teacher on March, 11th 2011. 
    Before that, I used to work for a company making TV shows, taking care of planning, sales and as a casting coordinator. Since I was in charge of a program introducing all the regions of the country, I have been at least once to every prefecture in Japan.  


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