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Special Offer: 4 months Course for Beginners / Perfect For New Residents in Tokyo!

4 months Japanese Language Course for Beginners

-For students with little to no Japanese ability

-Perfect for new Residents in Tokyo

-Study 4 months for all the basic reading and speaking tools you will need



Japanese Crash Course (2months)

100ms (50mins×2) a day, 4 days a week

Course Fee for 2 months : 170,000yen

Textbook : “Nihongo Fun & Easy” 2,052yen



Japanese Part-time Course (2months)

Class: Beginner 1

100ms (50mins×2) a day, 2 days a week

Course Fee for 2 months (16sessions) : 86,400yen

Textbook : “Genki 1” 3,780yen


Additional Exercise

Topic Conversation (16sessions)

100ms (50mins×2) a day, 1~2 days a week

Course Fee for 16 sessions : 86,400yen


Course Fee

Usual Price: 348,632yen

⇒Special Price : 300,000yen


*Valid for 1 year from the first lesson day
*Not valid with any other promotion


To inquire, please email us to or contact here.