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  • 7 Japanese Taboos You Should Know

    Flowers Despite lotus is the most revered flower in Buddhism. It is also related to death as Japanese people display lotus flowers at funerals or graveyards. Another taboo is that one should never visit a hospitalized person w... read more

  • Japanese Izakaya Culture

    Izakaya is an essential part of Japanese dining culture. They can be found in every corner of Tokyo and are in fact social hubs for Japanese people after a long day at work. Because Izakaya is unique to Japan, there are a few t... read more

  • Japanese Wedding Ceremony

    There are many ceremonies in Japan that are steeped in tradition, and weddings are one of them. What are the main things to know about them should you find yourself at a traditional 神前(しんぜん)結... read more

  • 10 Most Fun Kanji

    笑 ショウ わらう Laugh (Shō/Warau) This character means "Laughter" or "To Laugh". The top part looks like a pair of laughing eyes and a smiley face, while the lower part looks like a person's hands and legs.  串 く... read more

  • Special Offer – CCCJ Member Exclusive – 10% Discount

    Are you a member of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan(CCCJ)?  Congratulations! You can get a  10% off on our Practical Japanese Classes for free! read more

  • Sayonara, Japan- Steps to Take Before You Leave

    When it's time for you to leave the country, there are many things you will need to do in preparation. You will find that you have more things you would like to take with you than you did when you first arrived. It is also important to cut all ... read more

  • 50 Experiences Only in Tokyo

    Are you ready to experience Tokyo in the most unforgettable way? Here are our top 50 picks for what to do in Tokyo! 1. Eat Sushi From a Conveyor Belt  read more

  • National Holidays of Japan in 2020

    There are in total of 18 Japanese National Holidays in 2020. However, because of the coronation of the New Emperor since the Reiwa Period in combination with the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, many of the usual holiday dates are different in 2020 than in... read more

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