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  • 9 Luxury Experiences Only in Tokyo

    Whether you are traveling or working in Tokyo, it is never a waste of money to spend some extra cash on some luxury experience that you can only get in this city. Here are some of our picks of the best luxurious activities to do in Toky... read more

  • Hazukashii and mittomonai- How to convey embarrassment and shame in Japanese

    How do you describe an embarrassing or shameful action it Japanese? What is the difference between "hazukashii" and "mittomonai"? Hazukashii When learning a new language, you are going to put your foot in you... read more

  • Talking about the Days of the Week in Japanese

    Time marches on in Japan as it does in the rest of the world. Knowing how to ask the day of the week or help somebody who's forgotten can be very useful. It's also a great start to beginner kanji!  First things first, what are the days ... read more

  • Japanese Sake Workshop 7/27

    Learn the Basics of Japanese Rice Wine (Sake)! ​We will be holding a Japanese Sake Workshop to learn the basics of Japanese rice wine on Saturday, July 27th. The workshop will begin with an introduction by Yamazaki san, a sake ... read more

  • 16 Common Japanese Superstitions

      1. 四 (し/よん):The Number "4" There are two ways of saying "4" in Japanese--"yon" and "shi". However, "shi" has the same pronunciation as "Death" in Japanese so anything relating "4" are avoided in Japan like "the fourth... read more

  • Sumo Tournaments: your ticket guide to Japan’s national sport

    相撲 (sumou)  is a sport unique to Japan with a long history, beginning in the Heian period from 794 to 1192. The sport was created as entertainment for the imperial family. Sumo then persisted until it became the national sport of Jap... read more

  • Japanese Counters

    Did you know that Japanese speakers change the way they count based on what they're counting? You may already know how to count in Japanese, but there's more to it than "ichi, ni, san". Th... read more

  • Japanese Flower Seasons

    Japan is not only famous for its futuristic cities but also its natural beauty. Every year, hundreds of Flower Festivals are held throughout the country. The most celebrated flower is the Cherry "Sakura" Flower. However, that only takes... read more

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